SHOWTIME: SATURDAY 18.6.2022 @21:00

Only at Metal Capital Festivals in Finland in summer 2022!

The ambassadors of glorious power metal are present at Metal Capital '22.

For over 20 years they have been storming forward with their both professional and hard-to-believe fast material and live performance.

Their material is by all means top of the genre.

It will be hit songs after hit songs.

It was Guitar Hero III that delibered the final blow. "Through the fire and flames" quickly gained reputation of being the most challenging in the entire history of the game.

Furthermore, the song itself has insane 145 million plays in Spotify alone! It does not really matter weather you are a fan of power metal or not. You will be standing, staring in awe when these guys do their thing live. 

And right after that you'll rock your brains out.