For businesses - Premium class summer festival experience

Do you dream of enjoying a festival in a high class enviroment?We highly recommend our BusinessVIP tickets!

Yrityksille Metal Capital Festival tarjoaa huippuluokan festivaaliolosuhteet ja -palvelut.
These desired tickets are only available for 170 persons.

BusinessVIP area is located in the main building of the festival area where we have a exclusive BusinessVIP restaurant where you can relax and enjoy the festival athmosphere. Restaurant has a named table for each guest and there’s also a private summer terrace. You can also enjoy live video feed from the main stages on numerous screens at the BusinessVIP area.

We have a changing magnificent dinner menu served between 16:00 - 19:00.

BusinessVIP includes:

• 2 day entrance
• Own named table
• Free cloakroom
• Private entrance to BusinessVIP attendees (named table for businesses) and entrance also to VIP viewing area located in front of the main stages
• 2 x drink ticket per person per day
• BusinessVIP fine dine dinner per person per day(served 16:00 - 19:00)
• Metal Capital Festival BusinessVIP pass, neckband and wristband
• BusinessVIP ara has own staff, bar and sanitary facilities

BusinessVIP-lippu 285€ (alv. 0%) / hlö. PPY:n jäsenet -6€ per lippu.

More infos about corporate tickets:

Niko Harjulta, phone 045 7750 6120 or

BusinessVIP-MENUT by Ravintola ZIVAGO.

Perjantai 17.6.2022


– ZivagonSalaattia & Vadelmavinaigrettea (V, G) 

– Kauden Juuressalaattia & Paahdettuja Siemeniä (V, G) 

– Savulohisalaattia & Paahdettuja Siemeniä (L, G) 

– Parsasalaattia & Parmesaania (L, G) 

– Mummonkurkkuja & Pikkelöityä Punasipulia (V, G) 



– Viskaalin Tilan Naudan Paahtopaistia (L, G) 

– Piparjuurikastiketta (L, G) 

– Paahdettuja Kesäkasviksia (L, G) 

– Paprikaperunoita (L, G) 



– Mansikka-Suklaamoussea (L, G) 


Lauantai 18.6.2022


– ZivagonSalaattia & Vadelmavinaigrettea (V, G) 

– Fetajuusto-salaattia (L, G) 

– Paahtopaistisalaattia (L, G) 

– Perunasalaattia varhaisperunoista (V, G) 

– Mummonkurkkuja ja Pikkelöityä Punasipulia (V, G) 



– Riimi Suolattua Häränrintaa Viskaalin Tilalta (L, G) 

– Timjamikastiketta (L, G) 

– Paahdettuja paprikoita (L, G) 

– Valkosipuliperunoita (L, G) 



– Mansikka-nakukakku (L) 

Huomioimme kasvis- ja erikoisruokavaliot ennakkoilmoitusten perusteella.